Muncie Urban Forestry

“Working to Grow Muncie into a Beautiful
                 and Healthy Place to Live"

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Do you have a City Street tree in front of your house?
Contact the Urban Forester if there is a problem with a tree that might be a City Street Tree

(765) 747-4858

View the tree inventory map HERE

Muncie Tree Ordinance 12-10 (Chapter 97)

The Muncie Urban Forestry Program has recently revised the Tree Ordinance.

You can download the
ordinance here (PDF)

Licensed Tree Professionals

Tree Professionals Licensed to do business in the City of Muncie
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Arborist License Application

You can download the Arborist License Application is available for you to fill out and print.

Arborist License Application (PDF)

About the Urban Forestry Program.

The Muncie Urban Forestry Program was created to manage the City's tree resources. All City street trees (trees within the street right of way) and park trees are under the jurisdiction of the Urban Forester.

Why an Urban Forestry Program?

The Urban Forestry Program provides direction and leadership to improve the health of the urban forest and to enhance the enjoyment and safety of citizens of Muncie by:

- Improving community knowledge of the values of our urban forest through a variety of informational programs and activities.

- Creating awareness of and enforcing our city's tree ordinance.

- Maintaining the city's trees to the highest industry standards.

- Pursuing, establishing and maintaining partnerships that are beneficial to the urban forest.

The Urban Forestry Program is dedicated to contributing to the economic, aesthetic, social and environmental well being of the city and its citizens by providing public trees safe, cost effective, and professional care.

Who is the Urban Forester?

The City of Muncie's Urban Forester is Kellie McClellan- a certified arborist.

The Urban Forester's Office is located in the Muncie Parks Office.
1800 S Grant St, Muncie, IN 
(765) 747-4858

Issues facing Muncie's Urban Forest

The Emerald Ash Borer
The Emerald ash borer (EAB), Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire, is an exotic beetle that was discovered in southeastern Michigan near Detroit in the summer of 2002. The adult beetles nibble on ash foliage but cause little damage. The larvae (the immature stage) feed on the inner bark of ash trees, disrupting the tree's ability to transport water and nutrients. More information (Purdue)

An Aging Forest
We have an aging forest, without sufficient replacement rates.
A large percentage of Muncie street trees are Silver Maples. At the time of planting over 60 years ago, this variety was touted as the perfect street tree. By having a large percentage of the same tree, it makes our community susceptible to a severe deforestation due to pest or other infestations. A diverse tree populations guards against this type of problem. Today there are many better varieties that are better suited as a street trees.

Urban Forestry Board

The Urban Forestry Board assists the Urban Forester in planning, funding, and overseeing general policies for the Urban Forestry Project.

The Board is made up of Community leaders and government officials with and interest in preserving and enhancing the community's Urban Forest.

Kellie McClellan  Urban Forester  (Ex Officio)
Cassie Banning  Mayor's Representative,  President  (Mayor Appointed)
(Voting Member)
Matt Bailey        Muncie Parks Dept. Representative(Mayor Appointed)
(Voting Member)
Pete Heuer        Dept. of Public Works (Mayor Appointed)
(Voting Member)
Tom Smith         Community Enhancement Project (CEP) Representative (CEP Appointed)
(Voting Member)
Judy Campbell   Comunity Enhancement Project (CEP) Representative(CEP Appointed)
(Voting Member)
Ron Spangler     Community Enhancement Project (CEP) Representative(CEP Appointed)
(Voting Member)
Jason Donati     Muncie Delaware Clean &  Beautiful Rep(MDCB Appointed)
(Voting Member)
Jim Reese         Community Citizen (Committee Appointed) 
(Ex Officio)
Eric Gillette  
    Community Citizen  (Committee Appointed) (Ex Officio)
Charlie Mason   At-Large  (Mayor Appointed) (voting member)
Jim Wingate       At-Large  (Mayor Appointed) (voting member)

Tree Problems?

Use the Online form to report a problem with a tree.
The Urban Forester can only deal with problems concerning Street and Park trees.

Commnunity Outreach

Arbor Day Celebration 2011

Arbor Day Celebration 2010

Arbor Day Celebration 2009